Teaching, how the BOX of a ICU?

Teaching, how the BOX of a ICU?

Go and see, what’s an ICU?

A BOX is the place where it is located a critically ill patient. It is a space where they concentrate a number of elements designed specifically to serve them!
There are different boxes or holes, some separated by curtains or screens where space is limited by the patient’s separation from the same or Boxes specifically designed (as in our ICU, see photo) for walls between patients and can be buffer zones become effective.

The Boxes is the place where the bed of the critically ill patient connected to a series of monitoring systems to alert nurses and doctors of potential problems that dangerous conditions in your life!

The elements that exist in the BOX is a rigid head above the bed attached to the ceiling (head) through which electrical connections are made, the output of gases (medical, air, oxygen for breathing), the wiring of the networks connection monitoring and hang rods with large trays next to the bedside monitor support with hemodynamic monitoring and continuous infusion pumps, exhaust systems, intakes O2 masks for oxygen therapy, nebulizers, drawers for the placement of gauze, accessories for monitoring and control multiple systems.

Outside the headboard, we direct light to the patient, other indirect and lower lighting situation to enter the box.
The Boxes have a sink for hand washing with treated water, sterilization systems for after washing, drying set, garbage bags, tables, beds, desk for nurses and doctors. The area should be wide to go to patient care on both sides and to develop techniques such as arterial or venous punctures, catheterizations, wound healing and desbrides. Even as surgical techniques are performed tracheotomy in the Box, acting as a small operating room. In that area should go on a ventilator, a renal replacement system (artificial kidney) for technical hemodialysis, plasmapheresis, defibrillators, devices such as cardiac counterpulsation pumps to manetener alive patients who have little cardiac function and in cardiogenic shock. etc. .. All of these systems support life!

The Box is the place of patient care and must also have space for family members to accompany patients, even those who are in coma. You have an external curtain to maintain even a modicum of privacy in stable and conscious.

In the ICU, the nursing have a central place in all the boxes around (in our center are 7 Box with critically ill patients by bed unit and two units opposite each other in a room the way). The total of 14 beds in two units both with the nursing equipping of up to 2 controls (monitors) per patient and a central console generally UNIT.
La Unidad "B" de Cuidados Intensivos del Hospital de Cabueñes
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Why a lot apparatus?
Obviously, patients are continuously recorded (24 hours) and saved his tendencies to develop after the patient’s charts, which at a glance, somo able to venture a prognosis of a patient immediately.

Panel de monitores

Go and see, what’s an ICU?


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