Families and ICU Ex-Patients Association

Families and ICU Ex-Patients: EXPAUCI Association


The Association of Families and Ex ICU patients, is being created to cover those who have suffered the terrible experience of a serious health episode, why his life has been seriously compromised. Association is a non-profit (all income is reinvested in the Association), which provides that the Family and Expacientes Hospital ICU Cabueñes Gijon can help others to overcome this situation.
Surviving a serious illness, is a proof of life, but other families have also suffered a loss of a loved one in the ICU and they share so lucky or not, this experience.

Drawing inspiration from the above and under the name “Association of Relatives and former patients of intensive care units”, it is in Gijón, a nonprofit association of local and endowed with legal personality and full legal capacity according to the existing legislation on associations.

In EXPAICU, patients who have survived the disease and after a short training for our educators (nurses – physicians) can help others who are currently hospitalized and help families who are going through this ordeal.

Purpose Associates

a) To defend the interests of the Partners.
b) Promote education and Expacientes Family Association, the quality of its teaching and its objectives.
c) To act as interlocutor with agencies and individuals, to defend the interests of the Partners.
d) Facilitate communication and access to sources of information in the field of partners.
e) To represent its members on issues and topics of professional nature.
f) To organize activities to increase partner training.
g) Encourage and promote contact with professionals, associations or other bodies of all levels, in compliance with the other objectives of the Association.)

To fulfill its purposes, the Association may perform the following activities and / or actions

  1. Educate family and former patients of UCI to promote regular visits to hospitalized patients and their families in a sense of partnership and solidarity.
  2. Actively participate in talks, along with educators to help other patients and families.
  3. Participate in courses “Self Help” with psychologists and educators
  4. Promote actions to ensure that family members of patients to make “blood donations”
  5. Organize events to provide information about “organ donation”.
  6. Workshops and courses to medical students “on how to deliver bad news.”
  7. Satisfaction surveys of care to family and former patients in ICU.
  8. Encourage and promote clinical trials in ICU patients.
  9. Organization of basic CPR courses relatives of former patients in ICU.
  10. Promoting smoking cessation programs in former patients of ICU.
  11. Promote any act related to intensive care medicine.
  12. Organization of courses and scientific meetings on Intensive Care and Emergency.
  13. Cultural activities and involve mainly family and former patients.
  14. Editing an online journal of the Association.
  15. Two meetings of the Partners that include panel discussions with other health professionals from different disciplines.

The duration of the Association is indefinite. The dissolution agreement was adopted under the statutes.
The registered office is to be established. The Board may, if necessary, modify the address.
Stands are established as identifying EXPAUCI Association.
May enter as partners all those volunteers

ICU Ex patients
Relatives of former patients of the ICU (Maximum 1 per patient)
Any doctor, nurse-DUE, clinical assistant, health or non-health to participate in the ICU

and with their consent, so expressly show and are admitted by the Admission Board members.

May be members of the Association for persons under age 18 (with parental permission), except you do not have to vote on the regulatory bodies, although they may have a youth section with some organizational autonomy.

The charter, statutes and MEMORY ALREADY DONE.

ANYONE who qualifies can order your entry into the Association.
ANY INFORMATION (will notify when active)

Email: drsantiagoherrero@gmail.com

Email of the future partnership: expauci@gmail.com

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